Sunday, May 31, 2009

From Ground to Glass - The Movie

I just stumbled across this ground glass breaking film about our favorite industry. The filmaker sent yours truly a Tweet... and it was the first I'd heard about this project. Surprising, since some of my personal favorites are featured! Chuck Ortman, Mike Sinor, Ken Volk and Jim Clendenen, just to a few.

From Ground to Glass features winemaking luminaries from across California, including Warren Winiarski, Joel Peterson, Paul Draper, Bob Lindquist, Chuck Carlson, Chuck Ortman, Richard Sanford, Jim Clendenen, Ken Brown and Brooks Firestone.

It also features up-and-coming winemakers including Wes Hagen and Mike Sinor. btw, Sinor has already achieved international acclaim with his Domaine Alfred Pinot... he has his own winery now (Sinor-LaVallee) and is the winemaker for Ancient Pe
aks Winery.

Robert DeFoe, the filmaker, who is a former professional snowboarder, told us that, "The filming started out as a window into the process of making wine but, as the wine was aging, my focus turned to interviewing winemakers, growers, home enthusiasts and visionaries from all over California. It just unfolded... I discovered a larger story along the way. It is their story as well as my story.”

There's a story in every drop of wine squeezed from every grape on the Central Coast and Robert shares some the reasons (and people) that help make this the world's third largest, fastest growing wine region.
You can buy the DVD here.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Favorite Flavor; Affordable

Yes, that's how this weekend's Flavor of SLO event is being promoted. "A delicious event we can all afford."

And, I have to admit, it is one of the more innovative pricing schemes I've seen for a wine/food/live music/benefit event. The two bands that are booked for this extravaganza sound really interesting.

It all happens in Mitchell Park in San Luis Obispo on Sunday, May 31st, from 12 - 4 pm. Lots of great wines and restaurants and foods will be on hand, including some long time local faves that I've never seen at these events like Tio Alberto's, the Far Western Tavern and Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's a "I'm Full" Indigo Moon in Cambria, California

You can see it rising through the pines!

Actually Indigo Moon is a cozy restaurant that's been a fixture in Cambria for many moons.

I had one of their specials; pecan encrusted Halibut that was perfect. My dinning companions had crab cakes, nut dusted goat cheese salad, and an Angus burger with sweet potato fries .... and then desserts!

Turns out our friend Sara, who was part of our party, makes the desserts. The raspberry cheesecake was melting people upon the first tastes and the chocolate cake with house-made coffee ice cream (pictured) was just stunningly good.

Just writi
ng about it has revived my craving!

The service was warm and friendly, atmosphere is cozy and comfy and the outdoor garden seating is perfect for a sunny, California coasting lunch.

And they h
ave a wine/artisan cheese tasting bar area in the front!

Call 'em up: (805) 927-2911

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wine - Adult Education

Every so often, those of use who are up to our neck in vast vats of wine knowledge, trivia and gossip, need to take a step back and extend a helping hand to those who, by age or interest, are just beginning to explore Enotopia.

My thanks to new Wine Whisperer follower, Kevin Zraly of New York for three nicely done (and visual) primers on
How to Read Wine Labels, The Red Wine Texture Scale, and All You Need to Know About California Wine. I don't know how that last one is possible... I can barely keep up with just the wines of California's Central Coast.

Kevin's website and book is found at:

Mr. Zraly, btw,is the winner of the '06 Wine Literary Award, European Wine Council's Lifetime Achievement Award, and has been featured in the NY Times, Newsweek and GQ.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wine Whisperer on "Chardonnay-sayers"

At a recent tasting event, attended by yours truly (incognito), I chanced to overhear one of those ABC people .. Anything But Chardonnay.

I know that those of us who spend a large part of our waking hours thinking about, and sometimes even drinking, wine are often shocked to discover that some perceptions about certain wines that we thought had changed years ago still persist.

Like when rosé re-bloomed in California and was newly infused with elegant, delicate touches and we coaxed, teased and cajoled our non-eno friends into tasting something they swore would never pass their lips again; an oath usually taken during their college years.

I can't believe that old prejudices against this noble grape still walk among the tasting room rompers, just because, 15 years ago or so, Mrs. Butterworth's Chardonnay served in a freshly-hewn oak bowl, laid her heavy hand across the land.

Chardonnay, the Queen of the white wine grapes. The backbone of world's most cherished Champagnes and sparkling wines. Tasty companion to warm summer afternoons, East Indian food and shellfish.

Click here, if you dare, to hear me rant on about those who think they're being hip by being critical because they put fashion before palate!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wine Centre Coming to Center of Paso Robles!

Soon, Paso Robles will have is very own Enomatic equiped tasting room in heart of historic downtown.
Paso Wine Centre (love the Euro-spelling, maybe SLO's new double decker bus will stop there, too) will feature Enomatic tasting technology and specialize in wines from the region.

Best of all, net proceeds will benefit charities that provide clean drinking water and sanitation projects around the world.

I've often commented on how it is possible to spend three days wine tasting just in the heart of downtown Paso ... now here goes a whole afternoon at one stop!

This welcome addition, a project of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, will afford visitors the opportunity to discover great Paso wines and then plan their Wine Country tours accordingly. And benefit a great cause in the process.

The Wine Whisperer calls that a , "Win Win!" Ahhhh, how I do love the double W's!