Thursday, August 23, 2007

Paso Robles Olive Festival Pits Peaches Against Mozzarella!

In honor of the Paso Robles Olive Festival that's happening this Saturday, August 25th from 10am – 5pm, in downtown Paso I uploaded this recipe from our friends, the Kahan family, at Vineyard Canyon Ranch Olive Oil. And it sound like a tasty combination for any summer time occasion.

Fresh Peach and Mozzarella Salad

4 ripe white peaches sliced

8 oz. fresh Mozzarella (I used the small balls)

1 Cup fresh chopped basil

Kosher Salt (I used Sea Salt)

Pepper to taste

2-3 Tbsp. Vineyard Canyon Ranch Olive Oil (I used the Gold Blend but any of our blends will do)

Mix together first 5 ingredients and then drizzle with Olive Oil. Let sit for an hour or so at room temp or the fridge before serving.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Free the Grapes!

Free the Grapes! is a national, grassroots coalition of consumers, wineries and retailers who seek to remove restrictions in states that still prohibit consumers from purchasing wines directly from wineries and retailers.

* Wisconsin Consumers: Click Here to maintain shipping!

Click here to send a message to your state legislators today!

35 Buck Chuck, Anyone?

Sing along with Craig Nuttycombe's
Two Buck Chuck song.

Study: California Wines under $40 Most Popular in US Restaurants

According to research firm Winemetrics LLC, US restaurants are most likely to feature California wines that sell for less than $39 a bottle.

In the company's first annual On-Premise Wine Distribution Report, Winemetrics ranks the nation's top 100 wine brands based on the frequency of their inclusion on restaurant wine lists.

At the top of the list were Beringer, Kendall-Jackson, and Robert Mondavi brands. Beaulieu Vineyards brand took fourth place, and Washington State-produced Chateau St. Michelle took fifth place. Only 15 wine brands produced outside the United States -- from France, Italy, Australia, and Chile -- made it to the list.

Figures for Winemetrics' study came from over 10,000 casual and fine-dining restaurants in 20 states. The company conceded that the majority of restaurants in the survey were casual locations, noting that upscale restaurants had more extensive lists.

The full report is available for purchase on the Winemetrics Web site at

Source: Reuters

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sign of the (LA)Times & How's It Hangin'

Big congrats to our friends, the Kobayashi family, for the glowing review they received from a tough restaurant critic in last Wednesday's (8.8.07) L.A. Times. Shandi Kobayashi was on last Saturday's show with one of our favorite area winemakers, Don Kleck, of Silver Stone Winery.
Check out the article at this link: Artisan Offers Sharp Urban Style ....

Need wine glass storage? And a new chandelier?
This item will light up your life (unless you have completely switched over to "O" glasses).

These fixtures multi-task as a chandelier and wine glass holder. The smaller $495 version holds 16 stemmed glasses, while the $749 version holds 40. The lamp comes in three finishes: black, clear and chrome lacquered.
The Glasklasen Lamp available through

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Meridian's Box 'O Gold & Vine Dinning With a Movie

We had Lee Miyamura, winemaker for Meridian Vineyards, on last Saturday's show and she was proudly showing off a boxed set of their Mid-State Fair Gold Medal winners; a Sauvignon Blanc, Late Harvest Riesling, and an '04 Paso Robles Cabernet.
Big congrats to Lee and her Meridian crew for producing these award winning wines. And, btw, if you have not yet tasted Lee's Zinfandel you've got a real treat in store.

I've rarely seen people get so excited about a new food-wine related service like they do about Cinema e Vino. They've been putting on Italian picnic dinners in the vineyards featuring classic movies shown on a high quality outdoor setup. Where's the popcorn you ask? It's also like no other you've had; an Equadorian recipe that begins with rare, imported Inca corn. Check out their really nice website for details, photos and schedule.

Check out the hot buy that our Wine Whisperer has discovered by clicking his link or photo. The link takes you to an orange "Download" button. Click it and the audio file will land on your desktop.