Sunday, June 24, 2007

On a Three Hour Tour.....

A great time was had by all aboard and, hopefully, vicariously by our listeners. The first show we've ever broadcast from out at sea. The Grapevine Radio crew climbed aboard the luxury motor yacht Papagallo II along with Meridian's winemaker, Lee Miyamura.

Chef/owner Leonard Gentieu cranked out great appetizers and sandwiches, Elmer (from Meridian Vineyards) manned the bar in the ship's salon and made certain everyone was well served with fine Meridian Wines. Don't miss their current Zinfandel, btw.

While we were out at sea Kathy called in from Mendocino where she was on wine judging duty.
Luckily Chris Taranto, Communications Director for the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, filled in as my co-host and did a great job. The photo above is Chris & Cliff broadcasting live from the bow of the Papagallo.

Also on board with us were Ron and Ter├ęz Tyni owners of wildly popular Upper Crust Trattoria and Catering and Cynthia Vaughn & Jim Roberts of High Ridge Manor B&B. Jim also took the above photo of Chris Taranto and I.

We thank everyone involved for a great cruise and a fun show out on sunny Morro Bay.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Beer & Food Pairing, Oh My!

Kathy and I chatted with Matt Brynildson, the Master Brewer and GM of Firestone Walker Brewing last Saturday and got into the subject of food and beer pairing.

Matt recommended this site, created by Sean Paxton, the Homebrew Chef, for more on the subject and recipes from Sean.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Giant Egg Lands at Winery ... Biodynamically

Check out this little video clip from Wine Spectator Magazine's website. Very interesting (if you're really into fermentation).
You should see it under "Most Recent Videos." If not, use search word, "Egg" at their site.,4258,,00.html

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Size Matters! A Wine Bottle Guide.

To the right is the "Bible" of wine bottle guides. Literally. It seems these big fellers are all named after guys in the Bible.

Jeroboam is the name of "a mighty man of valor who made Israel to sin" (Kings 11:28 14:16). Rehoboam was the son of Solomon while Methuselah is a Pre-Noachian patriarch stated to have lived 969 years. That's a vintage with some age on it.

The reign of Nebuchadnezzar (I've usually heard it pronounced, "Nebah-kah-nezzar") extended from B.C. 604 to 561. In 598BC he laid siege to Jerusalem and in 588 again captured the city, and carried Zedekiah, who had rebelled against him, captive to Babylon. The name Nebuchadnezzar, or more accurately Nebuchadrezzar is derived from the Jewish Scriptures. But in the inscriptions it reads Nebo-kudurri-ussur, i.e., "may Nebo protect the crown"; a name analogous to that of his father Nebo(Nabu)-habal-ussur. ("Nebo protect the son") and to that of Belshazzar, i.e., "Bel protect the prince." No wonder the bottle is so big.

Melchior, King of Light and Balthazar, King of Treasures are two of the Three Wise Men (the other being Gaspar, The White One). Finally, Salmanazar, was an Assyrian king.
This is giving me a great idea for designing a Nativity Scene!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

You Can Use This Chair as a Floatation Device!

I saw this on the blog, It was an entry in the "Design a Champagne Chair" sponsored by Veuve Cliquot.

Father's Day is coming soon....

As I always say, "Chair and chair alike."