Sunday, March 4, 2007

World of Pinot Noir, Shell Beach, CA

Cliff and Kathy's Enological Adventure, would be an alternate title. Our first time going out in the "field" to bring back interviews with Pinot Noir ophiles from all over the world. It was the seventh annual World of Pinot Noir event at the Cliff's in Shell Beach, CA. A blue, sunny day overlooking the Pacific, tasting great Pinot, sampling amazing cheeses from The Carmel Cheese Shop, and gourmet appys from guest Chef _________ (Kathy has to fill in this one) and, of course, Chef Michael Woods of Marisol, at the Cliff's.
This event has achieved such an international reputation that there's a waiting list of wineries who want to participate. I didn't taste them all, but of those I did I really liked Paul Wilkins' wines under both the Alta Maria and Ninth to 9's labels, Mike Sinor's (a founding member of the event) latest endeavors under the Sinor & Lavelle marque, and Kynsi, who showcased three completely different styles of Pinot and all of them good.... just different. That Don, Kynsi's winemaker, is the low key guy making world class Pinots!

You can hear all about it in the podcast version on our website:

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