Friday, May 11, 2007

On a Roll with Bubbly Syrah, Gourmet Cheese, a Cheval.. Everything but the Kitchen Zinc

I know it's a mouthful, but there's so much going on around here in Merry Month of May.
The San Luis Obispo Vintners Roll Out the Barrels was a huge success this year. The Barrels on the Plaza, a week ago Thursday, was great. The cominbation of barrel samples, barrel making demos, Mariachi Band, and locally grown, locally made foods was terrific.

Pictured: water color of Hotel Cheval

And got to taste Kelsey's new Sparkling Syrah.. unreal!

The SLO Vistors Conference Bureau put on a great seminar with Brian A. Baker of Baker and Associates presenting market research on "Foodie Tourism" and how perfectly our county is poised to be a major player in this industry.

Last nite, Thurs. May 9, was a reception at the beautiful new Paso Robles European style luxury hotel, Hotel Cheval. Stunning. You've got to check it out. They will have the Pony Club, their wine and exotic beer bar open in a couple of weeks. A zinc bar and beautiful woodwork, looking out over the plaza.

They were serving amazing poo poo's from Dinning with André, Villa Creek, Artisan and Vivant Fine Cheeses among others. The cheese were great and segmented, three scallop appetizer by Andre was a work of art.

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