Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wine CPR? New Breathable Glasses!

I've seen all sorts of gimmicks and gadgets that purport to "smooth tannins" or speed up the aeration process or, in the case of a claim from China, age red wine 10 years in 52 weeks by use of radio waves.

Well, this breakthrough in wine aeration science has the stamp of approval from the Culinary Institute of America. So take a deep breath and read on:

Eisch Glaskultur
, maker of Germany’s finest glassware products, announced its new line of fine crystal “Breathable” glassware is now available in the retail and online store ( at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone (CIA) The line, which includes several different size glasses, has also been featured at select CIA events.

“Wine industry leaders are very impressed with our line of ‘Breathable’ glassware,” said Alan Zalayet, Partner and President of Export for Eisch Glaskultur. “Its ability to quickly open a wine and bring out its aromatic qualities is something that is exciting and desirable to them. Eisch will soon be a tasting room and restaurant
Last month, the Eisch “Breathable” line was the official glassware for the CIA’s Vintners Hall of Fame 2nd Annual Induction Dinner honoring Paul Draper, Miljenko Grgich, Darrell Corti and Ernest & Julio Gallo.

At the CIA Ecolab Theater last fall, Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Ronn Wiegand hosted an educational event for industry professionals on behalf of Eisch. “I was, of course, skeptical at first of the claims that Eisch Breathable glasses softened wine and enhanced their characteristics within just a few minutes,” said Wiegand. “But I found that they actually do. [They are] a real contribution to the enjoyment of wine.” So impressed is Wiegand with the glassware, that he has partnered with Eisch to develop his own signature line of “Breathable” wine glasses to be released later this year.

Eisch Glaskultur “Breathable Glass” wine glasses (SRP $19 - $27) are currently available at retail
at The CIA at Greystone in St. Helena, CA and online at A variety of innovative new wine decanters from Eisch Glaskultur is also available. Nationwide, Eisch products are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and at Macy’s headquarter stores.

Founded in 1946 by Valentin Eisch, Eisch Glaskultur has grown into one of the world’s finest and most important glass manufacturers. Today, the company is run by Julia Eichinger-Eisch and Eberhard Eisch, third generation members of the Eisch family.
For more information about Eisch Glaskultur please visit the website at:


If you'd like to try the Chinese radio wave experiment at home, just set your bottles of fine Cabernets, Pinots and Zins in front of your radio each Saturday when our show is on. Better yet, send some bottles to me and I'll place them near the KVEC transmitter and send you an email to let you know how much better they tasted!


Ryan O'Vineyards said...

I heard that Eisch was having legal troubles entangled in a massive lawsuit with Riedel who is unjustly trying to bog down their the smaller company's capital in complicated legal proceedings. Any truth to that rumor?

Wine Whisperer said...

I haven't heard that rumor, but George Riedel is here on the Central Coast every year for the World of Pinot event in Shell Beach. I'd have to wait til next March to ask him!
But I know one of his distributor reps... maybe she's heard.