Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Spice Girls and Boys Invade U.S.

I'm dreaming of dinner at Thai Palace with a bottle of Wolff Vineyards dry Riesling. Heaven.
By Sarah Hills, 02-Oct-2008

The Hispanic and Asian influence on the US food and beverage market is growing stronger as ethnic flavors become mainstream and the spending power of these cultural groups increases, according to an industry expert.

Asians and Hispanics are no longer a minority in large cities across the US and census figures predict that they will form a majority by 2050, according to John Corella, spokesman for the Expo Comida Latina and All Asia Food industry event which will take place this month.

The result is more food and drinks specifically targeting these groups, as well as capturing a wider market of consumers who enjoy their culinary influence.

Corella said: “There are a lot of products coming out that are uniquely flavored to address the cultural shift.

“The US is becoming spicier”

He gave the example of lime flavored products with chili, which is typically Hispanic. There are also more fresh and frozen vegetables of Asian origin and the ingredients used in products can also target certain markets.


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