Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sign of the (LA)Times & How's It Hangin'

Big congrats to our friends, the Kobayashi family, for the glowing review they received from a tough restaurant critic in last Wednesday's (8.8.07) L.A. Times. Shandi Kobayashi was on last Saturday's show with one of our favorite area winemakers, Don Kleck, of Silver Stone Winery.
Check out the article at this link: Artisan Offers Sharp Urban Style ....

Need wine glass storage? And a new chandelier?
This item will light up your life (unless you have completely switched over to "O" glasses).

These fixtures multi-task as a chandelier and wine glass holder. The smaller $495 version holds 16 stemmed glasses, while the $749 version holds 40. The lamp comes in three finishes: black, clear and chrome lacquered.
The Glasklasen Lamp available through

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